Welcome to Dog’s Day Inn, where our goal is to provide your best friend with a safe haven, where you will know they are comfortable, loved, and in fact, having the time of their life! Come on in for a quick tour of everything we have to offer, because, yes, we are the very best!!!

Here at Dog’s Day Inn, we believe that pets are another member of the family. That’s why we do everything we can to make your pet’s stay here as comfortable as possible. We understand that some pets have special needs and we are prepared to do whatever is necessary to make their stay enjoyable, be it spending extra time with the shy or formerly abused, feeding extra food to the underweight or finicky, or playing extra hard with the youthful and vivacious. While we do love animals and are prepared to go the extra mile, if your pet has a serious medical condition, it may be best to leave him with a medical professional.

Our Kennels

image01Our kennels are equipped with large indoor/outdoor runs that are heated and/or cooled. We even leave a radio on 24 hours to comfort the dogs. Each kennel has an orthopedic kennel deck at all times, and at night we have tuck-ins with blankets and cookies for everyone at no additional charge.

Each and every dog will get at least two play times a day, either alone or with “friends” or family. We feed Native Level 1 Lamb and Rice foods at no extra charge, but if your pet has a special diet or medication we can administer it.

Before boarding your pet, we must see proof of shots. For dogs, we require a current rabies, bordetella (kennel cough), and yearly booster (DHLPP).

Your dog may enjoy toys and small blankets from home, but we just can’t be responsible for lost or damaged ones!!

We proudly welcome all breeds. No Breed Restrictions!