Grooming Services

Grooming services are offered Monday through Saturday.

We offer complete and gentle grooming services Monday through Saturday. This includes stylish clips/trims with a soothing bath using a variety of all natural products, such as flea treatments, whiteners, and conditioning oatmeal. Get a pedicure (nail trim) and for fun or fashion have your dog’s nails painted or hair dyed.

We also offer the option of having your pet bathed and groomed before being picked up from boarding with us. Bathing is done 7 days a week, but only for the boarders on Sunday!

We have gentle and experienced groomers for all breeds, large and small. Grooming services are also offered for cats, Meow! As a special service we also offer painless and permanent I.D. tattooing.

Regular grooming is not just a luxury — it’s absolutely essential for your pet’s health and well being.

We’ve all mastered gentle, confident animal care and handling, as well as grooming skills that produce consistently beautiful results. In short, we make your pet look and feel great!  You’ll see that we excel at providing a soothing, relaxing, therapeutic experience designed to minimize stress.

We are pleased to pamper your pet lovingly and with unmatched expertise.

Dog’s Day Inn offers high quality, specialty shampoos and conditioners to maintain your pet’s coat in optimum condition, and all grooms can be customized to your lifestyle and preferences.